When designing kitchens and other custom made furniture we strive to make beautiful pieces, that do not only follow current trends, but will remain timeless.

First steps

The whole process starts with you telling us about your design ideas. For instance by providing us with inspiration photos, drawings or blueprints from your architect / designer. If you don’t have the floorplan of your residence at hand, a few photos of the space will be enough to start on.

Then you’ll tell us what you expect from your kitchen or furniture in terms of usability and aesthetics and we’ll guide with choosing the right materials, hinges, pulls and the general layout of the space.


After processing all the information you gave us, we will produce a layout with a proposed design along with a rendering. We’ll consult it with you and then after it’s approved we’ll make you a price proposal.

After aproval

After approving all the details, materials, and proposed solutions we’ll set a date that works with your schedule to measure your space. In case you are too far away and the furniture we are going to make for your space does not need our professional measuring we’ll guide you with measuring the space on your own.

Manufacturing and install

Delivery time starts after we’ve recieved the agreed deposit. At this time the delivery times are between 10 to 12 weeks. In the case of a change in delivery times we inform the clients in the early stages of designing, before ordering. Installing the furniture in your space will depend on the komplexity of the job. For instance, installing an avarage kitchen usually takes one to two days on site, built in wardrobes are usually less than a day.

How should the space look like before the install?

All changes to the room such as plastering, painting, plumbing and electricals must be finished prior to our arrival. We can specify locations for plumbing and electrical outlets in our blueprints for your craftsmen to use in case we are called to a kitchen remodel early on.

If you don’t like to deal with the reconstructions and preparations, we can manage the whole project start to finish without any hassle for you. We work with tradesmen whos level of quality meets our expectations.